Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mmmmm Mmmmm Good

Last night we served dinner at the Salvation Army. The menu was Hamburger Hotdish - basically Hamburger - browned with onion with a bunch of Mushroom Soup - topped with Tater Tots - it's a favorite with the kids up here - I had never heard of it down south. This was served with a big pot of mixed vegetables. And for dessert we made cupcakes. I went to our church to cook the food about 2:00 and then we hauled everything up to the Salvation Army building about 6:00 PM to serve. So, what's a vegan to do when she has to sit at a table with a bunch of people eating the above. Well, she plans ahead and makes an exact vegan copy of what they are having. I made a tiny "Hamburger" hotdish and a bowl of mixed veg - no butter and had that ready in the kitchen for when it was time for the servers to sit down and eat.

I made my vegan Mushroom soup:

1 can Mushroom stems and pieces - put the whole thing in the food processor and pulse a couple of times - or if you like the big chunks just leave it as it is.
2 cups of soy milk - I used light this time but I've used full fat before - it makes a creamier soup.
1 vegetable bouillion cube
2 shakes of cayenne pepper - not sure how much that is - adjust to your taste - I like it better than black pepper which seems too harsh for a nice rich mushroom soup.
A pinch of garlic powder - again you don't want it to be overpowering.
2 Tablespoons of flour.

I just stir it with a whisk until it's thick and bubbly. It's the perfect base for a green bean casserole with french fried onions on top. And it's good with some Saltine crackers for lunch.

For my tiny hotdish, I cooked some chopped onion in the micro - see the world's hottest onions post - and added some Morningstar Farms crumbles and stirred in enough Mushroom soup to make it creamy and topped with tater tots. When I went back to the kitchen and got my plate - it looked exactly like everyone else's, except that my mixed veg was not overcooked - haha.


  1. hey - that "hotdish" sounds pretty weird! Add some sour cream and have stroganoff....

    Is that your last post? I looked this evening and it's still the last one I can see. Just checking.

    We're going to fly down to Oriental in the morning for a quick look at our boat in the maintenance "shed". They're doing some pretty major work and we want to make sure it's progressing as planned. Not staying overnite (no place to stay!!!)

    Miss you guys - help would have been nice on the tile!

    Love, K

  2. Hey,

    Yep - I have another post to do about the potstickers I made - they were great! Your tile looks lovely. I hope all is going well with the boat.

    Stay warm,