Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Man-Cub ties one on... A Blue Belt that is...

The Man-Cub now has his Blue Belt. His Papa was out of town and missed the big event - but his Mama video-taped it of course. This was the second week of testing and included the "One-Steps" and the "Face Contacts" and the "21 Movement" - which, you guessed it, is a series of 21 movements that have to be performed in a certain order - next time - purple belt - the 21 movement has to be performed in under 21 seconds - then for purple trim - 15 seconds - then they move on to the 22 movement - which doesn't just add one - it's a whole different set of movements...

The WELCA meeting went well and everyone loved the Stack Cake and many asked for the recipe - it's already on the blog - so that was easy. I told them that the cake was vegan and they liked it anyway. (A lot of times when I bake something for potlucks, etc. I don't mention that it's vegan.)


  1. congrats to the man-cub. sounds like a lot of fun - i never could get my kids interested. i did take them to one session (about 6 weeks, i think) at the local community center. they never really liked it - it was a huge class, so they never were "engaged".

    i'll try your cake - it's COLD here and that sounds like a yummy cold day treat!

    forgot to call big bro yesterday, so i'll have to do that now....

    love, k

  2. Hey,

    Yeah - the class size here is just about perfect - there are two instructors and about 1 dozen kids - they separate them out by belt and there are a couple of higher belts - red and red-trim - who sometimes help out with the younger ones too. I think after he gets to brown - two more belts - there is an advanced class he's supposed to go to. He's determined to be the 1 in 100,000 to get his black belt and his Eagle.