Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Covered Notepad - Tutorial

Y'all know those little notepads you can buy - 3 for $1 - they're great for jotting down phone numbers and email addresses - as well as school assignments - or a few groceries...

...they just don't always come with the prettiest of covers...

...well - that's all about to change - you can either cover the cover that came with it - but I often find that the print on the cover will show through my cloth - so I just cut another one from card stock...pull out the staples and take the little pad apart...and then cut a pretty piece of cloth just slightly larger...

...then just wrap the edges of the cloth around the card stock and stitch in place... then you have a piece of card stock covered with cloth... the paper back in the center of the new cover...

...then stitch right down the middle - where the staples used to be - trust me on this one - it's much easier than trying to position staples back into those holes - but if you have one of those fancy staplers with a super long arm - you could do that instead... makes a neat little seam ... could be finished at this point - but I like to cut another little cover out of card stock to cover the edges on the inside and make the cover a little bit heavier...

...this is such a super way to use up the tiniest of scraps of your favorite cloth...


  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    very cool, may have to try that to go with the scrap wallet I'm going to make (if I ever finish unpacking my studio)

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    My scrap boxes are getting out of control, so I'm always looking for cute ideas like this.

  3. This turns a regular old notepad into something pretty! Good idea !

  4. Great idea! These would make cool gifts. Unfortunately we can't buy 3 notepads like that here for $1. More like $1 for each one ;-) Gives a good idea for someone creative.

  5. Is there no end to this woman's talents!

    These are lovely and would make splendid giftlets.

  6. I love paper and I love using scraps. Perfect combination!

  7. hey!! i'm sorry - i've been running around like crazy the past few days and i've not been blogging! you've been very busy though!

    cool stuff, of course. love the little notepads. i'll have to make some for richard - he uses them on his EMT days to record the vital signs for the people he picks up. they rarely last very long (the note pads, i mean...)

    getting ready to leave tomorrow morning, so i'll have lots to catch up with in a couple of weeks!

    i'll peek in down in the antilles if i ever find any wireless!

    looking forward to your visit soon too!

    love, k

  8. I love your fabrics here! Thanks for the quick project idea. :)

  9. Anonymous4:31 AM

    great idea, and awesome green paisley-fern fabric!

  10. Wow are these cute! Hmm...maybe I will use this idea for our letterboxing journal...

  11. ooooo! now I get to see just how you made my pretty little gift :) I can't wait to try it myself! i'm just having a hard time finding little notebooks that don't have spirals on them. hmmm... maybe i'll just cut up my own paper instead!
    thanks for the tutorial!