Friday, June 22, 2012

...frugal peppers... local grocery store had a huge sale on red/yellow/orange peppers...and by huge I mean they were $1 each...they are usually like $4.99 per I stocked up...I bought 5 of each colour...and we ate so many of them fresh and grilled...they were delicious...but you can see that these are starting to get a little bit crinkly... I cut them all up...and laid them out on a cookie sheet...aren't they pretty?...

...and put them in the freezer for a few hours...that way they freeze individually...

...and I can put them in a ziploc baggie and then just take out what I need and they won't be clumped together... what are you preserving this summer?...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. You found a wonderful deal. I am always so surprised at how expensive bell peppers have become, I guess my age is showing:)
    I am preserving everything I can get my hands on. Right now I have tomato salsa fermenting which has become this year's favorite.

  2. I love peppers of all colours. I usually buy about 4-6 in a bag each week or every other week for $4.99. Sometimes they go down to $3.99. The regular price is $5.99 but I never buy them at that price.

    The colours are so pretty for sure. I never freeze them though because they are quite abundant here and i manage to find them for a good price most of the time.

    So far I haven't done any preserving. If I do anything it will be just some small amount of rhubarb and strawberry as jam or in ziplog baggies for the winter.

  3. nice post thanks for sharing

  4. I have been craving bell peppers this pregnancy.
    My most recent preservation efforts are all about meals after the baby arrives. Frozen foods are beginning to accumulate in the freezer.

  5. No plums this year as the pigeons ate them when they were small green babies!

    However, my cultivated blackberry crop is looking abundant and I shall freeze them. Also apples and anything that has a glut.

  6. The plums were small green babies not the pigeons!

    Thank you for how to freeze peppers, they look delish.