Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Around the World

Is the theme for this month's pack meeting - we had the boys hold up a card with an image of a christmas tradition from another country.

Ireland - a green shamrock covered fruitcake.
Scandinavia - balsa wood ornaments.
Poland - poppy seed rolls.
Austria - greens and apples and linzer cakes.
England - Punch and Judy, and plum pudding.
Italy - a pyramid shaped Ceppo.
Greece - St. Basil's boat and bread with a coin in it.
India - festival of lights - lotus boats.
Sweden - Santa Lucia crown.
Mexico - Pinata.
That's the Man-Cub with Mexico and a Christmas Tree shaped pinata...

Then for an activity we punched holes in a tin can full of ice to make a candle holder.

But the highlight of the evening was the pinata...

And apparently we're really good pinata makers because it made it through about 30 boys and finally had to be busted by one of our den leaders...

Here is the melee...

We had saved some candy for the ones who didn't manage to grab any...


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