Friday, November 15, 2019

...Friday Favorites...a bunch of beans...

...the Man went crazy on Amazon...buying beans...lots of different varieties...I can't wait to try them all...
...and he also got some fancy vegan broth bases...a vegan beef one, a vegan chicken one, and just a veggie one...I've actually had these once before when we lived in North of our sweet parishioners got me some at the BX (Base Exchange) in Grand Forks...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. I like all kinds of beans but some of your one look new to me. I've never bought food from Amazon. Does it get delivered through Whole Foods?

    1. Hi Penny,'s just a regular Amazon delivery...not sure about refrigerated or frozen things I never order those...but dried - shelf stable things just come in a regular Amazon box...

  2. I love dried beans! There's something so cozy about them. My favorite right now is those great big lima beans. Cooked with Eddie's vegetable base, if you haven't got some asked him to get you a tub it's wonderful! Love Karen

  3. I meant ask, not asked