Monday, November 26, 2007

Story Telling Photos

Hannah at Bittersweet is having a photo contest - a series of photos that tell a story. This one happened quite by accident - the Man-Cub was stacking and counting our Moravian Spice Cookies and he was so determined to get them all to stand up - he called it his 'leaning tower of cookies'...

Ah well - all's well that ends well - and this ended as a delicious plate of cookies...


karen said... Best Blogger Tips

hey! neat cookies - is that the milk jug that you bought down here??

love, k

affectioknitter said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey K,

Yep - the very one - I use it all the time. My soy milk maker - which I love - makes about 5 cups of soy milk - just a little too much for the cute quart milk bottle - I usually put the extra cup in a little plastic take along bottle for taking to church to put in my coffee...



Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, those cookies do look good. I guess you have a special cookie cutter for them. I noticed the milk jug, too. E

affectioknitter said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Mom,

I do have a special cookie cutter - do you recognize it - it's one of the nesting Tupperware cookie cutters that you gave me...



teeni said... Best Blogger Tips

This was a great photo series! I love how the milk appears in the last photo to complete it all! ;) I was just stopping in to all of the participants in Hannah's printer contest. So, "Hello and hope you are well!"