Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mineral Museum

We stopped at the Mineral Museum on the Parkway......of course our little rock hound was in heaven...
...they had super hands-on exhibits...
...and outside...
...of course we had to add to our rock collection...

...this pretty rock is called chalcopyrite


  1. hey, that link was interesting....wonder if the rock was local? looks like fun, love, k

  2. Aah, NC is North Carolina! Mystery solved, well for me, I bet most other readers knew already. I have loved your holiday blog entries.

    Glad you are all having a nice holiday. I go on Saturday - we are going to a small town about 15 miles from Orleans in the Loire valley.

    We are staying in a cottage - very cheap - called a 'gite' in France.

    I am looking forward to it. There is no doubt that the French know how to make fab cheese!

  3. Cool, it looks like candy.