Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When you break a needle

If you made them yourself for a few pennies - you have nothing to worry about...

I took my knitting to the lake last weekend (of course) - and somehow when I pulled it out of the bag - one of my needles was broken - boo hoo - I don't know how it got that way - I had draped my newly refurbished kintting bag over the arm of a folding chair and thought it was safe... I had lots of offers by the boys to break a tree branch and whittle me a new one - haha - but I declined - knowing that I would make another perfect little size four double pointed needle when I got home...

...so I did.


  1. I tagged you, if you're interested in playing along! You can find the tag on my blog post for today (Tuesday). How cool that you make your own knitting needles!

  2. Thanks Rachel - I'm going to play - but it will probably be Monday.