Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scout's Last Day of Summer...

I told Scout that on his last day of summer he could do whatever he wanted... we rode our bikes over to the park slough in order to get some weeds (Scout calls them plants) for a new natural display tank he's setting up for a bullhead catfish tank he's been dreaming about...more on that later...

...we had a fun ride on a very windy day...

...then for supper he wanted to go to the local Chinese Restaurant - I didn't get any pictures but I should do a post about it - the owners are friends of ours and it's just your typical Americanized version of a buffet style Chinese Restaurant - they treat us like old family friends and we love to go there...

...then we headed to the park - for the last installment of the 'Arts in the Park'...they serve free popcorn and koolaid and it's a really laid back affair...

...this one was a Bluegrass band called 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' (funny) - they were very good - Scout kept trying to figure out which one was which...

...and really à propos of nothing - this old truck was there and Scout wanted a picture of there you have it...

...How are you spending your last days of summer?...


  1. We will probably do something very similar here... hang out and go to a favorite restaurant.

    Summer really did fly by didn't it?

  2. I had to keep the kids awake through naps so they'd sleep like rocks with a 6 am wake up call. So our last day? Not good. Very tired girls...totally unbloggable. But my are they loving school, and we too went to our favorite local Chinese Buffet. The staff secretly think we're lying about the girls ages (we pay by age) because they are so tall. I don't know how to communicate that they are unusually tall in Chinese!

  3. Since we have no kids in school, our 'last day of summer' will be past Labor Day and will be when we close the pool. Funny about the Chinese buffet and the ages. We have a local Chinese buffet that have always given a free dinner on your birthday so since mine is late September, I'll probably go there and call it the 'last day of summer'. MOM

  4. That is one great truck!

    Last days of summer, tricky! We have had so much rain, very diffy to get out and about. I've started pilates, I'm knitting and cooking.

    This afternoon was so miserable and cold we lit a fire for an hour or so!

    This weekend is a 'Bank Holiday' or public holiday. It always is the end of summer for me. Next week we take our tiny caravan and go to Wiltshire. I feel a day in Bath and walks round the ancient works that are prolific round there - maybe Stonehenge.

    I first went there in the 1960's when you could scrable round the stones. Not any more!

  5. Sounds like a perfect day!

    We are spending the last days of summer soaking it up and preparing or change.

  6. goodbye summer, that is sad, but good for me as my winter ends in 5 days!! I'm looking forward to some warmer days but our weather doesn't start getting really good till October.

    sounds like you finished your summer in style with free popcorn and music in the park.

  7. Lovely last day. You are a sweet mama to think of this tradition for Scout! We are preparing, trying to relax, organizing clothes, reading, going to the beach, trying to slow down. Hmm now I am thinking about something special for my little ones to mark the going-back-to-school occasion.
    Peace, Angela (Peach Coglo)

  8. What a lovely last day of summer you've had; looks to be grand. My last days of summer are being spent knitting, quilting and doing those things that don't require much use of my back.