Friday, August 20, 2010

Haying = the end of summer...

...Here's the cue that summer is almost over...

...Scout was outside playing and he came running and said...

...Oh No - Summer's Over!...

...well, almost...


  1. It goes faster every year!

  2. Your photos remind me so much of the time I spent in the country outside of Bismarck - all of those fields of prairie grass hay, and the wonderful scent of fresh mown and drying hay in the fields. And reminds me of when my ex-father-in-law let me help him bring in their hay because it was going to rain in IL, and he praised me for my effort in front of everyone. I was so proud I got to farm that day. Take care, from another southern gal, in KY.

  3. Oh man! I knew it. Time is flying.
    ;) Angela (Peach Coglo)

  4. We came home to almost brown cornfields. WHEN did that happen?! Not yet, I say!

  5. yeah, the leaves on my tomato plants are starting to wilt away and the poplar trees have just a hint of yellow in their leaves. all sure signs that fall is approaching. lots of good, hot weather down here left though! love, k