Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy 101

Tiffany at Bread without butter
very sweetly included me in the Happy 101 along...

I am by nature a happy gal - I'm the uber-optimist - the one who always sees the silver lining...and I hope it stays that way...

...So...10 things making me happy...

My Family and Friends

...of course this is always #1...I talked to all of my immediate family last week (and my Grandma)...so I'm feeling really connected to them - even though we're thousands of miles apart...


...Jack is also always 'up' and always 'happy' and ready for some fun...

The Big Sky

...when we moved up here - Grandma said that we'd either love it or hate it - she said she didn't like it - when they drove to Alaska - she said it made her feel very small - I guess it does - I think I like to think that I'm small and just a tiny little part of things...


...or the great outdoors...

....I just love being outside...


...camping makes me happy too - I love our tent...


...They all make me happy - poetry and prose...I love to read...


...I probably don't even need to mention that...


...of course food makes everyone happy - I love creating delicious vegan treats for my family...

My work

...I love that I have a good job and that I get to work from right here...


...I love coming here every day and seeing what y'all are up to and reading all your comments - It makes me happy...

...So - there's a few things that make me happy...what makes you happy???


  1. Anonymous2:32 PM

    What a wonderful list. Thanks for sharing!

  2. A wonderful list! My list would include my family, friends, painting, knitting, nature, and this wonderful supportive world of blogging mamas like you. Thanks for sharing your happiness with us! Peace, Angela (Peach Coglo)

  3. WHat a great post. It's always feels good to reflect on what makes you happy-what is good in your life. People often lose touch of this.

  4. Well, one is looking at this blog every morning.

    My family, my children and my cousin.

    Getting out and about, walking and exploring our new city home. Taking the dog for walks.

    My new hobby of art, especially making lino cuts, a new passion.

    Our little caravan.

    Watching the birds in the garden, at the moment we have two adolescent magpies who are so funny.

    Watching television.

    Little things are great. On out walks we see so many small things that are interesting. I feel that richness in life is the small stuff every day, not the big stuff - dream holidays, big shopping trips.

    Meandering is over now!

    great post.

  5. Wonderful list - I would name many of the same things..... family, nature, good food. I really do enjoy blogging too and photography as well.

    Always good to count your blessings!

  6. Life makes me happy!

  7. What an endearing post; thank you! It's always so nice to read what makes another happy; I don't mind reading about trials and tribulations but also enjoyed reading this...greatly.

  8. What makes me happy...
    An unexpected, really good hug from my 13 year old son... yes, he's growing up but he's still my baby; trying a new recipe and it turns out great; sharing baked goodies with coworkers who really appreciate it; knitting a project and giving it away; and smiling at a stranger and they smile back...

  9. thanks for sharing your list and giving me something to think about.
    my list includes: food, staying in bed past the wake up time, the ocean, quilting, my family (including my dogs, obviously), reading (which includes my work, because i'm a proof reader), doing good deeds and feeling proud of myself for it. and lots of other small things like children's laughter and the first rains and new notebooks and meeting old friends... and life in general! we have to be thankfull for it every day!!!