Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunshine Award

Sweet Lynn over at Fidlstix - spinning a good yarn gave me the Sunshine Blog Award...

1.Thank the blogger who nominated you. A BIG THANK YOU! to Lynn!

2. Answer the 10 questions on your favorite things.

3. Nominate 10 blogs to receive the Sunshine Award and let them know they've been nominated.

My list of favorites…
1. Favorite animal: in general?…dogs I guess...but I pretty much like all animals...and I don't eat them...
2. Favorite number: 4
3. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: TEA - just about any kind...
4. Facebook or Twitter: just the tiniest bit of both...
5. My passion: my family...then umm...probably knitting...
6. Getting or giving: giving
7. Favorite Pattern: whatever I'm currently working on obviously...
8. Favorite day of the week: definitely Sunday
9. Favorite flower: Daisy
10. Favorite country: U.S.A.

My hard to choose...I could just attach my Reader list... are the required 10...Go show them some Blog Love...

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World of Karen - my sweet sister
Hall of Flowers - my Mom

~Have a Sunshiney Day!


  1. You are so sweet - thank you! :) Daisies were my favorite flowers too, until I covered my wedding in daisies top to bottom and then couldn't look at a daisy for years ha ha ha!

  2. Thank you so very much! Made my day and what fun to read your answers

  3. I am fascinated by favourite numbers and how people decide which is their favourite number.

  4. Anonymous9:12 AM

    what fun. :) you got me back to my blog - thank you! you can read about me today. :)

  5. Thank you so much! I have been so busy planting the garden I haven't been doing anything bloggy. It was a loverly surprise to log in and see this. Hope you have a blessed day!

  6. I can't believe I missed this! I've never been given the Sunshine Award before so I'm pretty excited, even if I noticed it 2 months late!