Saturday, November 10, 2012

...internet friends...sigh... simply would not believe the sweet package that arrived in the mail today...

...all the way from Wyoming...

...from my friend Maria...

...Maria and I have been 'friends' for a long time...I'm not exactly sure when we started reading each other's blogs and getting to know each other's families...but it's been several years...we're like old fashioned pen pals (remember those) except we have almost daily I've come to think of Maria as a dear friend...even though we've never met in person...I'd love to would probably have been a lot more likely when we lived in North Dakota...but you never know...Maria actually has a brother in North Carolina...very close to where my sweet sister lives...

...just look at all the sweet goodness in this package...this Evening in Missoula tea is fast becoming a favorite of it's a good thing they actually sell this online or Maria might have to be my supplier...wink~

...isn't that pink tea just lovely...I put a few of the Hibiscus flowers in too...

Thank you Maria for being my Internet Friend!

~Have a lovely day!


  1. I am so glad it arrived! Isn't that tea AMAZING?! I buy a giant bag each year and gift it out to special people like you!!!

  2. Very sweet! Love k

  3. How wonderful to have an Internet friend. I have some as well and I feel like I know them even though I've never met them. How special!

  4. Such a lovely gift, I must have a search and try the tea.