Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Seriously Chunky Mitten Pattern

I finished the second mitten and wrote out a pattern. I have driven with them on - these are very warm - but they are too chunky to fit in my pocket when I take them off - I'm thinking about crocheting a long chain and running it through the sleeves of my coat (like toddler mittens) so that I won't lose them...

Using size 13 needles - cast on 18 sts.

Work in K1, P1, ribbing across. Continue ribbing for 12 rows increasing 1 st at each end of last row. (20 sts.)

Work Stockinette st for 4 rows.

Increase for thumb: Knit 9 sts. Increase one st. on the 10th and 11th stitches - I do this by knitting into the front and the back of the stitch – but there are other methods of increasing and you can use any that you prefer – place a marker between the increased stitches - knit to the end.

P10, place marker, P2, place marker, p10.

K10, K1 and increase, K1 and increase, K 10.


K10, K1 and increase, K2, K1 and increase, K 10.


K10, K1 and increase, K4, K1 and increase, K 10.


Turn work and K10 and continue in stockinette st. across 8 stitches for thumb for 6 rows.

Of course if the little bulky bump bothers you, you can transfer the thumb stitches to another needle to knit them, but I just knit them right in the middle.

K2 tog across –

cut yarn at about 18 inches weave through the 4 remaining thumb stitches and pull tight – then using the tail stitch the thumb closed, and still using this tail of yarn k1 and increase 1 and knit to the end.

This is the wrong side...

and this is the right side...

At the end of the row reattach the working yarn and continue in stockinette stitch until the mitten is long enough to cover your little (pinky) finger.

Start decreasing as follows.

Row 1: K 2 tog, knit 6, K2 tog, K1, SSK, knit 6, SSK

Row 2 and all-even rows. Purl across even.

Row 3: K 2 tog, knit 4, K2 tog, K1, SSK, knit 4, SSK

Row 5: K 2 tog, knit 2, K2 tog, K1, SSK, knit 2, SSK

Row 7: K 2 tog, K2 tog, K1, SSK, SSK

Weave yarn through stitches leaving a tail for sewing side seam. Turn right sides together and stitch front to back. Weave in loose ends and turn right side out.

Make another mitten...


  1. From the looks of the weather channel, you can use those mittens. They look warm. E

  2. Yep it sure is cold up here. High today is supposed to be minus 4 - but I think it was +1 when we left for school - so they were a little bit off...

    ...better to the positive side than to the negative...hehe



  3. I really love knitting mittens, but they doin't keep my hands warm as the wind whistles through the holes. However, my friend has a pair with a fleece lining and they are cute and cosy!

    Love the string idea - in our family they are called 'idiot mittens' - not very polite, but given that name by my son when he was small.

    1. We called them idiot mittens too--in Indiana!

  4. Hi, what weight of yarn do you recommend knitting these with? Also, I assume the needle size is US size - is that right? Thanks! A

  5. @maybe
    Hi and thanks for stopping by Affectioknit!

    I used 4 strands of Caron Simply Soft held that's a really really bulky yarn...and the needles are US size 13...I checked a conversion chart and it says that's a 9 MM...I hope you like the mittens...I'd love to see a picture of them...

    Have a lovely day!



  6. It is -8 degrees here tonight in New York State. I just made these for my mother. She loves them! Thank you so much!!!.,

  7. How can I adapt these for a 4yr OK, please? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Affectioknit...I've not tried that...but I think I'd probably try considerably dropping down the needle size and either go with 2 or 3 strands instead of 4...let me know how it works out...

      ~Have a lovely day!

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  9. Hi there....I'm busy doing the decrease part but would like to know what SSK means? Please?
    Thanks a mil

    1. Hi there,
      ...sorry to be so long getting back to you...but SSK means decrease a stitch by slipping two stitches and then knit them together through the back loops you use SSK as the opposite or mirror of the K2TOG decrease because it leans the opposite way...this blog has a good step by step instruction - with pictures...
      ...I hope that helps...but definitely reach out to me again if not...
      ~Have a lovely day!

  10. Hello and thank you for the pattern. I'm wondering if I can use three strands of #4 weight and 8mm needles? Will it work but just not be as thick?

  11. What size are these? I want a large size.