Friday, January 18, 2008

Drama Club

The Man-Cub started Drama again this week - this year they're performing a cute play called 'Three of a Kind'.
He's Musketeer #1. The play has groups of three - pigs, wise men, men in a tub, kittens (who lost their mittens), billy goats gruff, and the story revolves around three bears who've lost their baby bear -(Oh my now we're only a pair - this cannot be... we must be three) - you get the idea. Anywhoo, it's the musketeers who are called to save the day - and the Man-Cub is thrilled with his lead part - he even has a short solo to sing - it's a repartee between the 3 musketeers so they each have a solo part and they get to stand together - not nearly as frightening as standing alone for a solo...

Apparently everyone in the room turned around for this photo - except the Man-Cub...

This is the first practice session - it went really well this year - there was a 'lottery' for the parts in the play and mysteriously the rowdier folks didn't get drawn...


  1. hey, i'm sure he'll have a good time. i noticed your temp - negative 15 at 11 am, wow! careful out there! love, k

  2. Hey K,

    It is really cold here now - wind chills of 40 below - so it is dangerously cold. They didn't go late to school 'though and Jacksie hateshateshates it...