Monday, January 21, 2008

General Lee = this year's Derby Car

I was so surprised that the Man-Cub chose the General Lee as this year's Derby Car - as I don't think he's ever even seen the Dukes of Hazard. But, oddly enough, the 60s/70s muscle cars are his favorites - it must be a man thing - go figure...

The dremel tool still makes me seriously nervous - so this sanding by hand is much better...

He mixed up just the perfect color of orange-y-red...

I'll print some labels for the 01 and the GENERAL LEE on the roof - I think they'll look better than if we try to paint them...


  1. hey, that's just a wonderful shade of orange, isn't it? i'm sure he's having a good time! love, k

  2. Yep - he loves building things. We should have started sooner - the Derby is this coming weekend - I'm sure we'll get it done 'though.



  3. That car should win just for the concentrated effort. Good luck to the builder ! ! ! E