Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Roast Beast

We had a big supper over the weekend with Roast Beast potatoes, rutabaga (the Man-Cub's favorite) and peas - that looks yummy doesn't it...
This was really good - it was Bryanna Clark Grogan's recipe and I can't find the link right now...

and then for dessert we made 'Mexican Wedding Cookies' with a recipe from http://www.neaforever.org/recipes.html - they were too soft to form into balls as the recipe directed, and wound up not being really light and crisp - so I'll be playing with this recipe if I make it again...


  1. hey - this is the first time i've seen any of your posts since friday....there's something wrong with my browser - i even did the cntrl-shift-"r" which is supposed to reset mozilla....

    anyway, loved the sled dog post - now that's something you don't see in n.c.!!!

    and i see that you allowed the flag to go on the general, hope that worked out o.k.

    all looks like fun and the meal does look tasty

    love, k

  2. and i just peeked at your weather pixie.....minus 17 and 25 mph winds....that sounds REdikUlus!