Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The Mushroom growing kits that Mom sent the Man for Christmas are finally showing signs of growing some mushrooms. The Man-Cub waters them twice a day - at the same times that he sprays his hermit crabs and feeds his fish - so he has quite the little routine going...

These will be shitake...

...and these will be nameko...

...we can hardly wait...


  1. interesting - I never grew mushrooms! i do, however, love the delicate flavors of different kinds of mushrooms....should make some yummy (soy) cream of shroom soup!! love, k

  2. It's slow but fun - maybe it's too cold here. I'll definitely be making lots of stews and soups with them. After this first batch is done, we can let the block hibernate and then start watering it again to get more mushrooms - YAY!.



  3. Let us know how those mushrooms turn out. You know I don't eat them but I know all of you do. E