Wednesday, November 14, 2012

...New Neighbors...

...we have new neighbors... I baked them a Vegan Pumpkin Dot Pound Cake...
...and I made a card...which I didn't document very well...but I'll tell you about how I did's quite simple really...

...I had a packet of cards from a charity that I support...and in these cards were some smallish birthday cards...that I'm not really very likely to use...and the front of this one just seemed more like a 'welcome to the neighborhood' kind of card than a birthday card... I simply cut the front of the card off...trimmed the border...and glued it to the front of a half sheet of grey card stock...much nicer...and then I could write whatever I wanted on the inside...

...and it still fit in the original envelope...sweet!... what do you do to welcome new neighbors...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. where we are, we don't really have neighbors.

    but when i was growing up, we would always bake cookies or bread or something for new neighbors. i loved bringing the goodies to them. :)

    your card looks very new-home-welcoming. :)

  2. If they are new to the area I give them a book about Chichester.

    So, no longer new kids on the block eh!

  3. Can I move in next door to you? Although, I must acknowledge, our neighbors were great when we moved in, too. They helped us move our bed in through an upstairs window!

  4. That was so thoughtful of you, I'm sure they appreciated feeling welcomed like that. And the cake looks delicious!

    We are the new neighbors, and baked banana breads to bring over and introduce ourselves to folks who have lived here for a long time :-)

  5. That card is perfect for welcoming a new neighbor! And the cake was beautiful!
    Were you worried about gettin it out of the bundt pan??? :) I woulda been!!

  6. Clever! Cake looks tasty; wish I were moving in!