Saturday, November 05, 2011 to tell if snow is on the way...

...there is snow in the forecast for this weekend... the gentleman who leases the field east of the Church needs to get his hay off...

...and sure enough...there he is...with his loader and a big truck...

...clearing the field of the huge bales...

...that have been such a token of fall... pretty soon now that field will be white...are you ready for winter?...


  1. Well, we brought our patio furniture off the deck and into the basement today...even though its warm for now, it will only be another few weeks at most!

  2. We finally cleaned up some of our outdoor stuff for winter, but then I just had to start an autumn camp fire, so I need more time before winter to finish getting cleaned up!

  3. That truck is enormous!

    We're ready for winter with one exception ~ our snowblower is still in the shop for repairs.

    Hope we get it back soon.

    Enjoy the snow :)

  4. no, the answer is, no!!

    love, k