Friday, July 22, 2022

...7.22...Friday Update...

...we've been having storms every afternoon...and they've been lasting into my "bike-riding-window-of-time"...which I had moved to about 8 PM because we have the lowest daylight temps I snapped this pretty fuzzy little rainbow during my was still thundering around in the distance but not actively storming...and the pavement was wet and puddle-y...thank goodness I have fenders...'s my turn to have the Dune book from the I went ahead and picked up my hold even though I'm not quite through with Claudius the God...I'm on chapter 28 though so I should be able to finish it and start my re-read of Dune tomorrow or Sunday...
...and this version has a neat map on the back cover...
...and dollie's unders in the crinkly shiny yarn seemed a bit too thick and
...I'm starting over with a slightly thinner...but still shiny yarn from stash...I also only have a tiny little bit of it...but I think it will be enough for her tiny little underthings...'s definitely thinner but still a little bit sparkly which I think will make some nice undies...

~Wishing you a lovely start to your weekend!


  1. every doll should have a bit a sparkle in her undergarments :)

  2. I've never heard of those books. Are they interesting? I love the photo of the rainbow. Very interesting shot. The sparkly under things should be fun.

  3. So, my phone won't let me post a comment here, and my laptop refuses to even let me look at your blog now. I'm suspecting that you still can't reply or update. I got out a different Samsung tablet and it appears to be letting me post a comment. We'll know in a minute here!