Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pretty Envelopes

Sweet Elissa at On my way home... had a little Bible verse finding contest on her blog - I used to love the find the verse games we used to play in Sunday School - I sometimes do that with our LYO too - and even the teenagers like doing it...

Elissa makes these gorgeous envelopes - I hope you can see some of the detail - they are all too pretty to use...

...but I'll definitely use them - so when you get a card or letter in one of these - you'll feel really special...

Thanks Elissa - I love them.


  1. i have some of those, too! they have slowly been making their way around the world. it's so fun to send mail in a pretty envelope! lucky you!

  2. Thanks for your encouraging comment on the log cabin quilt... hope to have it done this weekend! I'll post some pics.

  3. Those are very pretty. You are so lucky to win all those nice gifts. E