Friday, May 01, 2009

LWR Quilts #4 & #5

Here are two more twin Lutheran World Relief Quilts ready for tying - I'll take some pictures after we tie the quilts on Saturday and then they'll be blessed and on their way the week after Mother's Day...

You can see that the quilts are mirror images of each other.

This is the way I lay them out to cut. I piece together enough material to make the required 60" X 80" rectangle -twice - then I just cut through both layers of material at once and then alternate the squares. It's fun and easy and cuts down on the cutting - then I sew on a solid color (usually) backing and stitch around 3 sides - then I turn it inside out and cut the batting to fit - grasp the top corners and turn it back right side out with the batting in the middle - a few shakes and it's ready to be tied...


  1. aren't you clever? very nice of you also....

    love, k

  2. Sounds like an efficient way to mass produce quilts. Still a lot of work. Good of you all to do it. E