Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lutheran World Relief Quilts - FO

The Lutheran World Relief Quilts are finished and I thought you might like to see what they look like all tied up with their pretty knots...

I only took one picture of each 'twin' - they were blessed in Church this morning and will be on their way tomorrow. We pack them in boxes and send them to Minneapolis and they bale them for shipment - interesting process...


  1. Appropriate day to send a comforting quilt, and the school boxes, too. E

  2. how pretty - they look so much different "all tied up"!

    happy mother's day (to my second favorite mother, that is!!)

    love, k

  3. I really like the one that looks like a coin quilt! Very fun!

  4. I love the quilting ladies at church. I think the LWR quilting serves to help both their makers and their recipients.