Monday, September 07, 2009

Walker Art Center

On our final day in Minneapolis - we decided that we really couldn't leave without seeing the Cherry on a Spoon... we asked directions once again and followed a gorgeous greenway through the heart of downtown...
...past several water sculptures - we loved this one that looks just like a dandelion...
...and even across a freeway... arrive at the sculpture garden - and there it was the Cherry on a Spoon - by Claes Oldenburg - really it's called 'Spoonbridge and Cherry' - Oh - so it's a bridge - sadly it has a sign saying 'No Climbing'...


  1. glad you had such a good visit! don't you ever do anything except vacation???

    just kiddin of course!
    love, k

  2. How fun, I haven't made it down to the Walker in ages!

  3. So glad that you have had such a happy holiday, lots of lovely pics to look at and lots of chances to say 'Do you remember...'.

    I am always surprised at the things my 30+ year olds remember as high spots from family holidays!

  4. I like the cherry on the spoon :)