Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The almost free (very cheap) Draft Stopper Tutorial...

...Just in time for those windy March days...I saw some draft stoppers on TV that consisted of two pieces of foam wrapped in cloth that slide under the door with foam on both sides...

...and I thought...I could make I did...

...the only thing I had to buy was this foam cost $1.16...

...just cut it to the length of your door...mine is three'll need two tubes the same length...

...just bend it in half... cuts easily with scissors...

...then I took some khaki cloth from my FREE...

...measured and cut...folded it over and stitched up the bottom and one side...

...then I pressed it flat with the seam in the middle...not necessary I guess...but I thought it looked neater that way...

...turned it right side out and stitched up the middle...leaving about 6 inches open at the top...

...slide your foam tubes in...

...then tuck the ends under...that's why you need to leave the top open...

...then slide it under your door - so that there's a tube on either side... should slide across the floor easily and still block any drafts when the door is closed...


  1. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Nice! I love making things for the home. Right now, we don't have much need for draft stoppers (we're in a new and big apartment building in Boston), but we do need big heavy curtains for the big windows that seem to leak air. When I finally get a sewing machine (saving up!) I'm going to make a sheer for the day and then a dark over cover for night to block out the parking lot lights and the cold draft.

  2. Oh that's a cool idea. I don't really need a draft stopper for my front door but I like the idea!

  3. hey, you're such a smart girl!

    love, k

  4. Yay! We bought some of those draft stoppers a few years ago. They worked great. (We don't need them here.) Love your smart DIY attitude!

  5. Wow! Awesome idea and love how simple it was.

  6. Fantastic! You are the best!

  7. Coolness. I had the same thought when I saw that commercial. Kudos to you for making it a reality.

  8. Nice job! I have been using some of those "snake" types which just cover one side and slide away too easy. Yours stay in place more. Hurray on the toaster fix, too. MOM

  9. This is so great - in our 1930's house we get draughts - this is one to try!

  10. this is such a great project!

  11. Ah yes - I really meant to make some draft excluders for our very drafty house this year but never got around to it. I'll keep this in mind for next year.

    Great idea!

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  13. genius! i wonder if you could do that for the side of the door... our front door has a major gap along the side.

  14. where did you buy your foam tube?

  15. @Joe and Heidi
    We got ours at Home of Economy...but I'm sure Lowe's and Home Depot and Menards have it too...

    Have a lovely day!



  16. One of the great things about using a foam tube as a draft stopper, as opposed to som other materials, is that it's moisture resistant and won't absorb any puddles from shoes that get tracked through the door way.