Sunday, February 20, 2011

Name Signing...

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...I promised some pictures of the finished/signed Freezer Paper T-Shirts...

...I think they had more fun with this part than any of the rest of the project...a little bit of individuality I guess...

...They had to take turns as I had only invented one 'paint pen'...HA...

...which was just one of my little leftover stevia squirt bottles...I had re-purposed one before for the vitamin E oil when I had that wart - so I knew that just a tiny amount of paint would be able to come out... worked perfectly...we all had a practice run on paper first...

...and I'm so glad we went with the white paint instead of the black sharpie...Pastor still has to sign this one...

...AND...and quick note about yesterday's post...I thought Karen's comment was so funny...I wasn't driving while knitting (the speedometer reads zero) with my knitting pattern on the steering wheel...I was watching the boys sled...


  1. Anonymous4:30 PM

    I missed that comment; I'll have to go back and read it. And the shirts look great. =)

  2. The shirts will a fun reminder of this time.

    My knitting is coming on, I laughed at the comment as well. I do love it when people say 'young lady'. My cousin sometimes says it to me and me to her - both of us in our 60's!

  3. Cool. I love that someone signed it B-Rad. My brother calls himself Ben-jammin.

  4. cool signing! yeah, i knew you weren't drivin'

    and, hey, won't we always be "young ladies" to each other?

    love, k

  5. These are so wonderful!