Tuesday, February 22, 2011


...so yesterday was the big day...

...Here's a before picture of my sweet boy's smile...

...oh how I love that smile...so sweetly crooked and individual...and so PERFECT...and so perfectly his own smile...

...so I had a really hard time with the whole idea of braces...and the 'perfect' cookie cutter smile that was on all the brochures at the orthdontist office...

...we had several meetings with the Orthodontist himself to discuss treatment plans...

...and he would always reluctantly say in the end that we could just do nothing...but...there was always that 'but'...that there would be excessive wear to the top back and bottom top of the front teeth...there's also a tooth on the bottom back that isn't turned quite properly...

...so anywhoo...in the end...we decided (including Scout)...that it would probably be best to go ahead with the 'treatment'...which includes full mouth braces and bands...and will take about two years...

...so...yesterday...we got up early and drove to Grand Forks...to get the 'treatment' underway...

...here's a very nervous Scout...ready to get started...and can you believe...that I forgot my camera...so this was taken with the Man's old/old/old cel phone...

...and here's the lovely AFTER shot...still just as sweet...but a lot to get used to...

...did you have braces? - I did not - so please share with me (and Scout) all your secrets...


  1. I did have braces: the old kind where the silver band went around the whole tooth. Back then it seemed like a big deal, but now evreyone has them. My tip is not to eat roasted marshmellows. It takes 'like never' to get it all out of the braces. We use to camp a lot when I was a kid and believe me, I learned my lesson. Good luck and I think you'll be happy with the results.

  2. It's one of those things - if you don't do it...... You know where I'm going!

    I think Scout is brave to make the decision.

  3. I had braces from 7th grade until I was 16. I actually just got the last "appliance" (metal bar) out of my mouth last year!

    I have no tips- I always dreaded orthodontist appointments. I guess, make sure to follow the doctor's instructions so you don't have to have braces any longer than necessary!

  4. The smile still looks the same. You all are so positive about things so I'm sure Scout will be fine. MOM

  5. I had braces, too! Here is my tip: braces irritated the inside of my mouth at lot at first, so the orthodontist gave me some wax to put over the metal. Little by little I got used to them and they didn't hurt anymore : )

  6. My hubby did and he did not wear the retainer after he had them taken off...mistake!

  7. Anonymous6:12 PM

    My boyfriend did them as an adult and one thing he'd recommend is being meticulous about using the retainer when they come off. He got a little lazy with the "check at night" step and ended up going back to wearing the retainer full-time for two months.

  8. I had braces through my first year of college! My BF had her's put on for her wedding when we were 30. Better to do it now. It has saved my teeth from a ton of wear and tear that was certain to happen later, and probably thousands in dental bills during my adult years. I don't regret a single moment. I'm not ashamed to say it: I love my smile!

  9. Oh I did... I have nothing to share, I hated it. There's 18 months of my life with NO photographs of me ha! But in hindsight, of course, it was completely worth it!

    Oh wait, I DO have advice - when the braces go off, wear your retainer, because I didn't and some of my teeth went crooked again.

  10. I'm with Vera...wear the retainer. I was not so thrilled over it once the braces came off and got lazy and most of my teeth reverted to their former positions. Make sure you have lots of soft eats on the days when they get tightened too. They also made my teeth all the more sensitive to cold and heat so I had to learn to eat hot and cold stuff very slowly....

  11. I didn't have braces but you can probably tell that I'm British by just looking at my non-straight teeth.

    I think he'll be really happy when they come off and he has a lovely set of straight teeth and it's better to do it now that for him to decide when he's much older that he needs braces.

  12. i, like rachel, used the wax. it helped a TON when one of the brackets would irritate the inside of my cheeks.

    corn is another awful thing to get out of braces, whether it was on the cob or not.

    and - it might go faster than they predict. i was originally told it would take 3 years for my mouth to get all fixed, and it only took a little over a year! even with two oral surgeries. i know this isn't the case for everyone . . . but it's a possibility!

    and the retainer thing - i got a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth, so though i haven't worn my top retainer for years, my teeth have basically stayed put.

    i hope scout's teeth move quickly and that he doesn't have too much pain on tightening days!

  13. I had to have them, I had teeth growing in sideways and a few other issues. I'm thankful my parents did that for me. Soft foods are key for a while... wax is really nice for the spots that rub. Then do all the good stuff... brush, rinse, floss- no gum, hard candy. And when those braces come off- WEAR THE RETAINER UNTIL YOUR 18! :) I didn't, and I do regret it, cause some of my teeth shifted back again. *sigh

  14. Been meaning to post on this. Gald to hear Scout's getting along fine with them so far. I was unlucky enough to have them from the age of 15-19, so pretty tough, although now I'm glad I had them. He is lucky to have them early! I would actually say that the most important part to get right is the part after they get taken off and go back to retainers that you wear at night. I got lazy (I was in my first year of university and I had my first boyfriend) and didn't always wear them and my teeth slipped back a little into their old places. So keep that retainer on!


  15. I had braces for 4-5 years, the jaw expander, pretty much everything short of headgear. I would highly reccomend these plastic tubes they make for sports. They have a slit down the bacak and cover all the brackets and wires to protect them during sports. My ortho special ordered them for me. After ajustments I would sleep in them a lot of times to protect my mouth from cuts. They were a God send.

    The first month or so is tough, but you'll be suprised how fast he adapts.

  16. Yes I did have braces also had 5 plate and 3 set of night braces. So as an adult I've chooses to stay away from the dentist but shattered a tooth at Christmas so I've had to go and now I'm recovering from dental surgery.

    Moral of my story is don't avoid the dentist no matter how nervous you are.

    I hope Scouts teeth straighten quickly.

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  18. Your son has a beautiful smile, even before he had braces. Now that he is wearing a new set of braces, I’m pretty sure he’s excited to see what his smile would look after. This picture reminds me of my childhood years when I had my first braces. Wearing it boosted my self-esteem. I was so thankful to my dentist. He did more than restore my crooked teeth; he definitely helped increase my confidence.
    Julio Rotter

  19. So how’s your son doing? He’s so close getting that perfect, gorgeous smile, I guess. ;) My son also used to wear braces. In fact, that one year of wearing cosmetic braces helped him to have beautiful teeth!

    Melisa Guyette

  20. @Melisa Guyette
    Thanks Melisa,

    He got his braces off the end of last summer...a few months early as he had been really good with his bands...He certainly does have a perfect smile now...

    Have a lovely day!