Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Adventures in Salad Dressing...

...I made a delicious mango-raspberry smoothie...that's it...that's all there is in there...look how thick and creamy it is though...

...but somewhere in my past - I must have remembered a mango raspberry salad dressing because I thought how perfect it would be to turn a little bit of this smoothie into a little bit of salad dressing...

...so I put a couple of spoonfuls in a bowl...and mixed in some red wine vinegar...raspberry vinegar would probably have been better, but I didn't have any...

...and poured that over my salad at lunch...and it was so very good...both my breakfast smoothie and my lunchtime salad...

...do you ever get a food transformation ideas like that...what's your best idea?...


  1. Oh my those both look so delicious!

  2. I just used my last mango so I guess I need to make a phone call and have my husband pick up more. That looks so yummy!
    I have been doing blueberries, peaches or mango, almond milk and the meat of a young coconut...tastes just like I'm having dessert for breakfast.

  3. yum!! both for the mango dressing and the smoothie!

  4. I can't remember having such a brainwave!

    But, you reminded me of my Grandma's raspberry vinegar. Malt vinegar with raspberries steeped in it overnight. Strained and then boiled with lots of white sugar to form a syrup. Amazing with pancakes, in hot water to sooth colds, over a plain pudding - just lovely.

  5. mmmm. both look wonderful!

    i know i've had moments like this - but can i think of one right now? no. other than throwing all kinds of good left-overs together to make soups. :)


  6. Nice! I bet it would be wonderful over an herb salad mix!