Sunday, May 22, 2011

...the ten mile hike...

...The Boy Scouts are working on their Hiking Merit Badge... they set off on the first of 5 Ten Mile Hikes... was a gorgeous afternoon - with a light breeze - as we stopped in the shade (very few trees on this route) - for a little snack and a brief rest...

...the halfway point - and where we turned to retrace our path - called for another short break and some rock throwing...

...on the way back...notice the ever-lengthening shadows... we hiked back into town in the twighlight - that's the water treatment plant in the distance...

...the full moon was rising and it was after 10:00 o'clock...


  1. What a pretty picture of the moon!

  2. An amazing moon. And a fabulous day! x

  3. You do have a way of capturing the moon ;)

  4. Scout had some excellent clear, sunny weather for his hike! Well done :)

  5. Such a great adventure - and so healthy!