Wednesday, October 29, 2014

...W.I.P. Wednesday... neighbor's baby blanket...progress so far...2 stripes...

...I'm thinking I'll omit the peach stripe that I'd sort of planned on...and go directly to pink and make a smaller blanket...mainly because I just wanted a receiving blanket size...and if I add the peach stripe it'll be more of a crib sized blanket...and then there was a problem finding the right shade of light peach...they were all a bit to melon-y for my taste and to go with the yellow and pink I thought it needed to be a really soft light peach...which I couldn't find...

...and if I get the pink stripe done by next Wednesday...I'll have plenty of time to make a little Super Simple One Hour Baby Hat...that just takes an hour anyway...I could theoretically do it the morning of the shower... basically the pattern is:

Seed Stitch Border Baby Blanket

Cast on 117 stitches.

Work in Seed Stitch (K1 P1) across for 12 rows.

Then for the Stockinette Stitch Center:

Row 1: Seed Stitch - 8 stitches - Knit 101 stitches - Seed Stitch 8 stitches.

Row 2: Seed Stitch - 8 stitches - Purl 101 stitches - Seed Stitch 8 stitches.

First colour change Cream to Yellow at Row 64 - (52 rows Stockinette Stitch).

Then Continuing in pattern Change to pink at Row 128 - (64 rows Yellow).

Work 52 rows in pattern of Pink.

then work 12 rows of Seed Stitch in Pink.

...This pattern is so simple...I can imagine it in all sorts of colour combinations...and I can knit it in the car or the theatre...when watching TV too...(just ignore the fact that I managed to drop a stitch before...haha)...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. That will be pretty!

  2. I am knitting a similar blanket. I didn't know that the amount of stitches done on the ends doesn't have to be the same as the rows coming up. As yours is 12 rows seed and then with 8 on each side. Is there any rule about this? I would appreciate any help.

    1. Hi Alma,'s nice to 'meet' you...thanks for stopping by Affectioknit...I'm so glad you're making the baby blanket...not sure there's a rule about the border...but because you want them to be fairly and bottom and on the'll need your if your rise/run is 3/'d have 9 on the sides and 12 on the gauge wasn't quite that even...hence 8/12...but do let me know if this is confusing...

      Have a lovely day!



  3. What is the actual length of the blanket

    Thanks Patricia x