Friday, February 03, 2023

...2.3....Friday Update...

...on the reading front...I'm not doing the reading challenge that I did last year...mostly because I simply enjoy reading what I enjoy reading...and trying to match that to the categories of the challenge made me not enjoy my reading time quite so much...haha...I realize that it's supposed to be a challenge...and broaden our reading horizons and all the limited amount of time that I have for reading...I want it to be as pleasurable as possible... thought I'd read a few Agatha Christie books...

...I read Lucy Worsley's Agatha Christie bio Agatha Christie: An Elusive Woman at the end of last year and remembered how fond I was of her mysteries...

...I'm not really setting a goal of reading all her books...and a lot of them I've seen film adaptations of as well...and I thought I'd start at the very beginning...and read them in the order she wrote them...a couple of the later ones she saved back (for pecuniary insurance so to speak) I may read those by the date they were written or by the date they were published... far this year...I've read...

The Mysterious Affair at Styles - 1921
The Secret Adversary - 1922
The Murder on the Links - 1923
The Man in the Brown Suit - 1924
Poirot Investigates - 1924
The Secret of Chimneys - 1925
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - 1926
The Big Four - 1927
...and I'm about half-way through The Mystery of the Blue Train - 1928

...and then on the puzzle front...we've started a 1000 piece Wysocki puzzle that my sweet SIL gave me...I do love Charles Wysocki...I've seen a couple of interviews with him...and he seems like a genuinely nice person...'s this one Plum Valley...
...we did the border first...of course...
...and then all of the little scenes that are easy to pick that's the progress so far...
...Mom has this puzzle completed and framed hanging on her wall at's called Four Acres Flying School...and the little airplane advertising banner says "I love you Elizabeth" sweet...Wysocki's wife's name was Elizabeth...Mom's too...of course...

...what are you reading lately? you love Agatha Christie?...and/or Wysocki?...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. We've done both those Wysocki puzzles. His art is so perfect for puzzling, in my view. The small scenes, the bright, bold colors, the charming Americana scenes. Just lovely. My in-laws got me hooked on him. My bestie, Hannah, prefers Jane Wooster Scott. I think they have similar vibe.

    You know, I don't think I've ever read any Agatha Christie. I should! Good on you for making your reading a pleasurable pasttime rather than, oh, "work" for lack of a better term. You're making a good start already and I am sure you'll have a very pleasant reading year as a result. I set myself a really "easy challenge" this year of revisiting the works of my long favored author. That's challenge enough--and I know I'll enjoy it, too! I'm reading several books at the moment, most notably Midlife: A Philisophical Guide by Kieran Setiya.

    (I finally figured out some technical problems I was having with my blog feed....looks like I have so much to catch up on!! Namely, Japan!!!)

  2. Hey - I've been reading just a bunch of random stuff from the library. I chose a book online - the program shows me "other books you might enjoy"....weird mix sometimes. Lately it's been a mix of a mystery, young adult books, historical fiction. Me & Earl & the Dying Girl, The Match, Don't Look for Me, Midwives, The Direction of the Wind, The Guest Room, The Surgeon's Daughter (previously read it's 1st in the series - The Girl in His Shadow). Love, K

    1. I've been wanting to read Me & Earl & the Dying Girl.

  3. when I was in my twenties I read all of the Agatha books and enjoyed them, I've re read a few lately and I am happy to report I've forgotten the endings but remember some of the plot - so it's all new all over again!