Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Way or Your Way?

That was the question the other night as I was fixing supper...

We had gotten some nice fresh zucchini and Scout wanted it fried - so I asked the Man if he wanted it 'My Way or Your Way' - and it just got me thinking about all the tiny little ways that we compromise - we've been married a long time and we're used to doing things 'My Way or Your Way'...

This of course would be 'My Way' - or more appropriately 'Mom's Way' this is the way that Mom fried squash when I was little - she just sliced it into rounds and dredged it in cornmeal and fried it flat and individually in a pan...

This would be the Man's Way - or more appropriately his Mom's way - which is also sliced and dredged in cornmeal but then it's jumbled up and scrambled in the pan.
Of course - I 'prefer' my way and he prefers his - but we both eat it both ways

'My Way' does have the drawback of being much more prone to nibbling...


  1. Mmmm, zucchini! My favorite way to eat them is to cute them into spears, bread them, and then bake them.

  2. yeah, mom must have spoiled the kids when they were visiting - 'cause they ask for squash fried "like Grandma does"....i guess i prefer it scrambled with onions like the man does. duane's mom must have cooked it that way because that's the way he prefers it. i'll have to try that baked idea...

    love, k

  3. call me crazy, but I have never had fried zucchini or squash!
    but soon for sure!

  4. I have to vote for your way, but compromise is always good.

  5. I was going to tell you that Man's mom and Duane's mom cooked it the same way, scrambled, but Karen beat me to it. You may remember we only had yellow squash back then. I guess I had never heard of zucchini until I married and Nanny had it. By the way I like you new header pictures. E