Friday, June 03, 2011

Cloud Watching...

...this one looks like an elephant with wings...

...and it reminds me of lying in the kiddie pool at the 'brick house' in W.Cola. with a 5 year old Scout - just to keep cool - it was so hot - we'd just lie there in the cool water and look up at the clouds and say what they 'were'...

...and the pool opened here today too...the air temp is 61° F (16.11111111111111° C)... you name the clouds?'s fun to do on long trips too...


  1. I love clouds and this looks like a chicken with big legs to me! Have a great weekend

  2. I love cloud watching!

  3. Beautiful picture. It reminds me of my rural home. :) Naming clouds reminds me of childhood, mine and my son's.

    I am getting a new digital camera soon, and I've been thinking about all of your pretty shots. I'm going to have a lot of fun practicing, I think.

    Wow! If you go swimming soon, I hope it's refreshing rather than shocking. :P