Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

We had such a lovely day...there was a sweet infant baptism at church...she wore an 85 year old Baptismal gown...that was worn by her Mom, Grandma (and Great Uncle), Great-Grandma and Great-great-grandmother (for whom the gown was made) - all but the last were in attendance...I just love seeing old Baptismal gowns like that one...and hope that Scout's will still be in use 85 years from now...

...then it was home (after a nice little lunch at Church)...and some small tokens of our affection for the Man...

...we just lounged around...Scout and the Man tinkered with his Skeet gun in the afternoon...while I made the Man's requested dinner - it was a lot like Thanksgiving at our house...and that's appropriate as we were definitely giving Thanks for our Papa...


  1. Both of my girls were baptized in an 85 year old gown, worn by their Great-Grandmother. I highly recommend it!

  2. My Mother in-law made my children's gown and now it is
    for the grandchildren. I hope it will be around in 85 years...Wow!

  3. Sounds like a wonderfully quiet and celebratory day!