Thursday, July 26, 2012

...Other People's Produce...

...sadly...we don't have a garden this year...(...and thanks to our backyard friends...we may never have much of a garden here...)

...but that doesn't mean that we haven't been enjoying fresh garden produce...our friends have been bringing us surplus veg all summer...we've already had bit pots of green beans and the sweetest - most tender corn I've had in ages... the gardening front, anyway...we've been getting by with a little help from our's your garden growing?...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. Our Montana gardenis doing well considering the cold start we got!
    We have lots of Kale and onions the peas are done and green beans are coming on, we might even get some tomaotes! That is wonderful that your friends are sharing with you. There is nothing as tasty as veggies fresh from the garden!

  2. yeah, my garden isn't doing very well either...but friends with good gardens are even better! love, k

  3. Those pesky Romans brought over with them a plant we call ground elder. They planted it by the side of the road for the soldiers to nibble as they marched along so they got their greens.

    However, it spread - and spread - and spread right into my garden where it has joined its bestfriend bindweed. Between them they have taken over so all I have is tubs and lawn - the vege beds had to go!

  4. so lovely vegetables §§§§§
    love XXXXX