Thursday, July 05, 2012

...Yellow Jackets...

...Scout mowed over a Yellow Jackets nest...he was stung only once...

...I remember my Mom being stung multiple times when I was little...she too was mowing...Nanny's dog lot...remember that?...she was very sick afterward...I don't remember how many stings she got...but it was a lot... the Man bundled up in multiple layers and went out to retrieve the mower...

...I stayed inside surreptitiously taking photos that I'm quite sure won't be appreciated...

...Have a lovely day!...and if you know of a humane way to get rid of Yellow Jackets, please let me know!...


  1. One of my son's has a scar between his eyebrows where he was stung by a yellow jacket, they are mean little things.
    I don't know of a good way to remove them, but I wish I did.

  2. Betty MacDonald in 'Onions in the Stew' has Yellow Jackets, she fixes them with DDT!

    Not really an option these days! However, we call them wasps, nasty creatures. We had a huge nest in our loft the house was full of them. We got a chap from the local council who came and 'dealt' with them.

    Ghastly things. Old French remedy for bites and stings is rubbing with the inside of a banana skin - works for mossies not sure about wasps.

  3. I do remember getting stung by yellow jackets multiple times ( it happened more than once). Just had an allergic reaction one time, hives all over even where I wasn't stung. Dr. Norton gave me little white pills and little orange pills. I kept them for years but never had to take them. MOM

  4. This isn't really humane, but we wait until it is dark, and they go to "sleep". Then spray Raid or Wasp killer down the hole. We had a really huge, nasty nest and used a whole can of spray...the next morning, they were gone.