Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Busy Easter

I know it's been a while since I posted - we've just been incredibly busy - so now I'm going to do about a dozen posts to catch up. Holy Week was a blur - we even had to cram in 2 funerals too. The Man says that on Easter Sunday at about Noon there is a collective sigh of relief from all the pastors and priests that Lent and Easter are finally over - it is really a busy time.

My last post was the Bunny Cake - so here's the update on that.

The Man-Cub iced

and decorated the cake

- we used the Buttercream Frosting recipe from the Vegan Chef - http://www.veganchef.com/vgnbttrcrm.htm

... it was a lot of fun and is sooo cute...


  1. Nice job. Looks a lot like mine! Hope it tastes good. E.

  2. It did taste good - it's all gone now...