Monday, April 16, 2007

A New Game

The Man-Cub made up a new game to play with his Lincoln Logs. You both build a fort and a catapult and then you pelt the other guy with the small logs from your catapult until all of his "men" fall down.

It's lots of fun - that's my fort to the left...


  1. Hey, the guacamole made me hungry!! That's about how I make it when I'm not too rushed. If I'm in a hurry, I just squish the avacodo and dump some medium chunky salsa. Still pretty good....

    I've saved the kids Lincoln Logs in the attic.....someday they'll be used again!!!

    Richard got your card - he should contact you soon....he had lost his computer (due to some room cleaning issues), but he got it back late last night (due to some room cleaning issues resolved!!)

    Love, K

  2. Hey - we often use the computer privilege as leverage to get what we want too...sorry the card was late - as usual...