Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rachel Calof

Another book I just finished - Rachel Calof's Story - Our library has a room set aside for ND history and that's where I found this book. It's her own account of her life as a pioneer in ND at the turn of the last century - translated from the original Yiddish - she was Jewish. It was a good read - and quick - I never even knew that there were any Jewish settlers here.

Before we moved I read quite a few pioneer journals (I like to read old journals) - but this book was different - she wrote this "story" all at once when she was about 65 years old - so it doesn't read like a journal - more like she's just sitting there telling you her life story.


  1. Sooooo, has anything changed much in good old ND since then????

    Just kidding - well, not really....

    Love, K

  2. HAHA - I guess so - she had it pretty rough - almost starving and sleeping in straw - when it was 40 below outstide - I guess I don't have it so bad...



  3. I would probably like that book, too. I like to read about how things were 'back when'.E