Friday, April 27, 2007

Mrs. Killdeer is back

The Man-Cub named the Kildee that nests each year in our yard "Mrs. Killdeer". We've read all about her habits in our Audubon Bird Guide. And for 2 summers now, we've watched her raise her young. The first summer we were here they put tar down on the road - it's a better version of paving than asphalt for the winters here. They put down sticky tar and then cover it with small gravel during the heat of summer - then after everything smooshes together, they come back and scoop up the excess gravel.
Anyway, Mrs. Kildeer and 4 of her 5 babies got stuck in the tar - what a racket that was - and the Man-Cub and I rescued them all - it was very exciting - and a lot of fun to see the happy little reunion. We saved other birds that year and one snake too.

So here is Mrs. Killdeer being pursued by two suitors. I wonder which she'll choose. They're being very noisy right now - but things will settle down soon and we'll go and look at her nest each day while she's away - last year we saw a new egg every other day for about a week.

That's not snow in the picture - it's the alkali that seeps out of the soil here.


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