Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spring Music Program Costume

The Man-Cub will be a "Praying Mantis" in the upcoming Spring Music Program. When he first came home with this news - we looked through the National Geographic's spectacular article on Praying Mantis - and made plans for a costume. Then he came home with more specific costume requirements. He has to dress as a priest - (it's a funny program about a stink bug - the other bugs go to the praying mantis for advice on how to get rid of the stink - haha) so I thought I would just cut up one of the Man's old clerics, but the Man-Cub wants a cassock - and since he tells everyone that his Mom can make anything...

I used his existing white acolyte's robe for a pattern. But since it has a hood I needed to add a clerical collar.

I used one of my old shirt patterns and squared the edges of the collar - that should be perfect.


  1. I bet he will really look like his Dad in that costume. Looking forward to seeing a picture of finished product. E.

  2. And once again, the man-cub is correct - his mom CAN make anything!

  3. He had to try it on three times so I could get everything right, but it fits him perfectly and he likes it a lot. He'll be the best dressed "praying mantis" there...