Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Favorite Breakfast

This one is so easy - I blend some homemade soy yogurt with a pint of frozen raspberries and a couple of Tablespoons of sugar if the raspberries are too tart (these were) - recipe from the Fat Free Vegan (my only substitution was 1/2 teaspoon for the agaragar - when I used a whole teaspoon my yogurt was like jello and I like it a little bit softer than that).

This is my Deva Bridge yogurt maker - I got it when we lived in Florida - it needs no electricty and makes perfect yogurt - I searched the web for them and didn't find any so maybe they've gone out of business.

These are the raspberries the Man-Cub and I picked last July - that was a lot of fun...

I just sprinkle about 1/4 cup of walnuts in a bowl

and pour the yogurt/raspberry blend over them...


  1. I didn't know you made your own yogurt. Where do you pick berries?A very healthy breakfast! E.

  2. Hey Mom,

    The Man-Cub and I picked them at the farm of one of our parishioners last July and we froze a bunch of them - the picking was a lot of fun too. I'll send you a picture.



  3. The Deva Bridge yoghurt co. sold out to a larger co. in the early 80's prob because it was such a good invention! Hang on to yours!