Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Baby Samuel with his new blankie

My friend had her baby - at home without even a midwife! He's a dark haired little sweety too.

Here's the Man-Cub playing with Samuel's older brother...
He loved this picture and wanted me to post it.

Here he is mid somersault - the first time I saw him do an aerial somersault we were at a water park this past summer and he climbed up to the top of one of those big inflatable slides and instead of jumping and landing on his bottom - he jumped in the air and turned a somersault and then landed on his bottom - it was effortless for him - but scared me - Aw Mom! - he's much braver than I ever was...


  1. That sure looks like fun for a young person. They are a lot safer with the net. The few times I tried a trampoline, I was tired after about 30 seconds. Must be good exercise. E.

  2. hey - yes, i was always worried when the boys would play on their friend's trampolines. that was before they thought of the nets - so i think it really was pretty dangerous. good luck - hopefully no broken bones will crop up!


  3. That is a cute little baby and a pretty nice little blanket. By the way, you can make a bunny cake and just leave off the coconut. I have made chocolate ones also. E.

  4. No I think this year - we'll do a coconut one and see if the Man-Cub will try it - then next year we'll have a brown bunny,



  5. Love all your pictures! The bunny looks amazing, how do you do that? My mom's friend Ona used to make us bunny cakes, complete with coconut, when we were kids. We loved that! Cute blanket (oh, and I guess the baby isn't too bad either)

  6. Thanks Patricia,

    The directions - so to speak - on at