Tuesday, March 09, 2010

40 Thousand

...Also last night - on the way home from the Band Concert - Mopal turned over 40,000 miles - (that's our little car's name - as we anthropomorphize everything - Scout named her when she was new - it's a 5 year old's contraction of 'Moss-Opalescent-Green which is, of course, her colour)

...and since we had the camera with us - we just had to capture the momentous occasion on video...

...in just a few months she'll be 7 years old...

...we love our little Mopal and hope that she gives us at least another 100,000 miles - she may even be Scout's first car...

...also of note - it was 35 degrees above zero - Spring is on it's way...


  1. wow! you don't drive much! i've got 10k on my little saturn and it's just 6 months old! you're truely "greener" than me!

    love, k

  2. Wow. We put 40,000 on our car Empress Shasta in a little over two years. You're going to have that car forever!

  3. I think I've crossed 100,000 on my 5 year old mini van, The Chicken Box (I also name all cars). Indy is so spread out. It's 30 minutes to get anywhere in this town. I hate that I'm burning this much fuel...yuck.

  4. That's funny! I guess we name our cars by their colors too. I named my Jeep Cherokee Sport "Blue Molly" and Nature Boy calls his station wagon the "Wild Strawberry" as this was the official name of the paint color. Your name is much more original though!