Monday, March 08, 2010

Deer at Midnight...

Y'all know that I almost always go to bed (sometimes hours) before the Man...

...but he crept into the bedroom and whispered 'Reese - are you awake (of course not) - do you want to see some deer up close?
...Of course I did - I headed to the computer room to grab my camera and then crept into the living room to peer out the window at the sweet does...
...the one coming on screen to the left had a horrible limp - we watched her cross the field and join her friends...

...there were seven in all - right outside our window - I took some video too - but it's just black - I can't adjust the video settings the same way I can the camera...


  1. How pretty! Poor limping deer, hopefully it's just a sprain and will heal with time. I know what you mean with video, I have problems with the light on mine too. It also takes pics but our living room is quite dark (two houses on either side block out the light and we have a deep awning thing on the front porch so the only natural light seems to come through the dining room). That's why most of my pics indoors end up in the dining room no matter how messy it is at the time.

  2. It is times like this that lend magic and enchantment to the humdrum. They are so lovely against the snow.

    How restrained not to mention the UFO in the last picture!

  3. Anonymous12:12 PM

    So beautiful! Worth waking up for! Last winter they were coming up to my bedroom window and munching on the bushes against the house. I could hear them crunching away!
    Happy Monday, to you, Teresa!
    (And we are going to try out your Vegan Angel Food Cake this week! So excited!)

  4. yep, pretty neat. oh, you're making me cold again!!

    the deer around here are just plain pests - just too many of them. they are eating all my iris sprouts and even some of the red-hot-poker sprouts. they just started doing this over the past few years (over population of deer is a big problem in this area for the farmers too).

    they are still magical for some reason even if they are pests. i suppose it's their "graceful" movement. (and the disney movie bambi, of course feeds our nostalgia....)

    stay warm! love, k

  5. How wonderful to see all these deer. They are magical looking in the moonlight and snow. I do hope the limping on eheals up soon.

  6. What a treat to be able to see so many! Just beautiful.