Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Soup - Potage au Cresson

We had a lovely St. Patrick's Day soup - Potage au Cresson - It's one of Julia's variations for Potage Parmentier - it made a very pretty green soup and we all loved it...

...all the details are at The Vegan Version...


  1. how nice and festive!! i love peppery greens - i'm particularly fond of arugula now.

    love, k

  2. A good way to get green into the day. I'll bet it did taste good. MOM

  3. That looks really good! I have never tried watercress before. I will have to buy some and try this recipe!

  4. Teresa,

    Sorry about my email problems on the blog. Greg and I just sent ourselves emails through a few different accounts, and they all got through. That being said, we're going to move to Greg, the IT nerd, will not stop until this is resolved! I really appreciate you keeping me in the loop because people do contact me through that email, and if it's glitchy, they may just be giving up! Yikes!