Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where did the moon go?

We sat out on the deck last night - in jackets of course - it was about 45 degrees - which seems relatively warm...

...we watched the moon rise up into the clouds...

...the clouds were pretty low...

...and it almost looks like the power line is making the moon disappear...

...but it keeps rising and disappearing as it goes...

...until it's just an orange glow...

...and then it's gone...


  1. Beautiful...I love the progressively sequenced photos. It does look like the moon is really disappearing into the power line.

  2. Those are great photos. You've got a great view. I saw a moon this morning, but it was of a different (less beautiful) variety...

  3. What a lovely way to end the day..... nice photos!

  4. cool - a sunset in reverse!

    love, k

  5. Amazing that you were there just in time to catch that on camera. Very pretty. MOM

  6. What a big & beautiful moon! Wow :o)

  7. It's clearly not a powerline but a slit in the sky!

    Nice to see your snow has gone - in Scotland and Ireland it has come back with a veangence! It should go as quickly as it came though.

    Here in England we have had gales and rain!

  8. Great photos! The moon has looked amazing over here in Colorado too for the past few nights and also before sunrise.

  9. wow! nice pictures!