Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Break

Today is the pitiful little teeny-tiny ONE-DAY Spring Break that the kids get from school up here...

...but that's OK as it's not really Spring yet is it?..., I (of course) had to work today - but I work from home so it's not that bad...and since Scout didn't have to get ready for school...I set the clock for 7:50...or ten minutes before I needed to be at my desk...just long enough to pull some sweats on and grab a cup of tea...right...

...but when I came around the corner into the kitchen...this is what I saw...Scout was up before me reading his new Star Wars book...

...and then a couple of hours later when I came out of my cave (er...ummm...I mean office)...this is what I saw... does my heart good that Scout loves to read and choses it over other forms of entertainment...

...but my one enormous chair is getting a little worse for the wear...

...and it's a balmy 35 degrees ABOVE Scout is going to spend the afternoon outside playing...


...we are currently under a blizzard warning and this is what's coming later today...

...Happy Spring Break!...


  1. ONE DAY? Appalling!

  2. love that song. :)
    and i'd be like scout lots of days if i didn't have to be a responsible parent . . . sitting in my one enormous chair with a book . . .
    did the storm hit you? we've have a warm sunny day today, but now the wind has picked up like crazy! somethings blowing in - and the temp is dropping fast.
    so glad we don't have to go anywhere this weekend!
    i think i'm going to tidy up and SEW!!!
    happy weekend to you and your men!

    elizabeth ::

  3. How sad that the kid's there only get one day. The schools here have a week. I homeschool, but we still take a week or somes two.
    Warmly, Tracey

  4. Wait your Spring break is in March where you live?! Ours is in April and I am sure you all get more severe and longer Winters than we do. Then they take his days and leave him with one.
    It is lovely to see him reading like that.
    Stay safe in the storm!

  5. What? One day of Spring Break? Who can I write a letter to about that??

    You are going to think I am completely bonkers... but I am a teeny tiny bit jealous of the coming snow. Ours is gone at least until next winter, but I really wish for just one more snow day.

  6. LOL. This post is full of so many goodies. First, I love the pics of Scout comfy and cozy and reading. Wonderful. Second, boo on the dreary ending to your DAY of spring break. Bah! This WEEK has been my (professor) hubby's spring break, and though he's gone in to work for at least six hours every day, he has also gotten to sleep in and be with us more than usual. This week has been a heavenly break. Kids need breaks, too!

  7. How grown up Scout looks, sitting reading! When I first found your blog he was still quite a young boy - now he's a young man.

    Our school year is three terms with a week half term break in the middle of each. I'm not sure if the Bank Holidays (our state holidays) fall in the half terms. One soon gets out of touch!